We believe the nutritionally complete raw diet is ideal for our companion animals and leads to optimal health and well-being.


Our mission is to create the most awesome raw and nutritionally complete dog food for your beloved pets so that they may Live a long, happy and healthy life.


We promise to adhere to only the highest industry standards and nutritional guidelines. Doggone Raw uses USDA-inspected 100% human-edible meats, fruits and vegetables.

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There will be little disruption in shipping since Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Monday. All orders coming in after 3 pm on the Thursday before and over that weekend will ship on Tuesday.

We are looking forward to the new year as Doggone Raw will have a big announcement coming in January.

As the year draws to a close, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support. Thank you for choosing Doggone Raw and entrusting us to provide nutrition to your furry family members. You are an integral part of our journey. We wish you a joyful and safe holiday season and a prosperous New Year.



Doggone Raw is the healthiest doggone diet your dog or cat could eat - it's the diet nature intended for your pet.

Doggone Raw is uncooked, ground USDA inspected and approved, 100% human-grade meat, including muscles, organs and bones, fruits and veggies.


Doggone Raw is an instinctive diet for your dog, similar to their natural ancestral menu of hunted prey. Dogs need real food to thrive, not fillers.


It seems some people can eat just about anything and thrive, while others have sensitivities and health issues that clear up with dietary changes.



Doggone Raw People

After making the raw diet switch for their own dogs and seeing tremendous results, Doggone Raw was conceived by Gregory and Donna Rollins.

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Doggone Raw


Doggone Raw is the healthiest doggone diet your dog could eat – it’s the diet nature intended for your dog.

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