Is Doggone Raw® allergen-free?

At Doggone Raw we not only care about the health and wellbeing of your pets, we care about the health and wellbeing of your human family members as well. We are pleased to let you know that none of the Big 8 human food allergies even come close to our production facility.

Our facility does not use:
Milk, Eggs, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat or Soy.

None of these allergens have entered our facility.

And while we are at it, we should mention that our facility is Gluten-Free and GMO-Free.

So rest assured, when you bring Doggone Raw products into your home, none of these allergens are entering your home.

Doggone Raw -Wellness, Longevity, Love

When switching to Doggone Raw®, what changes will I notice in my dog?

- More Energy – Dogs receive more of the beneficial macro and micronutrients and have an easier time digesting their food. This means more energy and vigor.

- Less Gas – With much less starchy carbohydrates and improved digestion, you will notice less gas. If your dog suffers from lots of gas and smelly gas, you will notice it decrease or even be eliminated completely.

- Cleaner healthier teeth and breath – Dogs do not have the amylase enzyme in their saliva to breakdown carbs. With no added grains, tapioca or potatoes, your dog’s teeth will remain cleaner and breath will be more pleasant.

- Less stool and less smelly stool – Since most of the bioavailable nutrients are digested by your pet, there is less waste. Also, with Doggone Raw’s balance of calcium and phosphorous, stools will be firmer and less smelly.

- Less water consumption – this is important. Since Doggone Raw provides much more moisture than kibble, your dog will require and desire much less water. It is a common observation to see your dog drink less water.  Please do not be surprised. It is a good thing.

- More excitement at mealtime – Dogs love their raw diet and look forward to mealtime.

Is raw food safe for my dog?

Yes. Dogs have an ability to ingest and digest a wide variety of microbes and be just fine. Everyone’s dog at some time has probably eaten something off the street, or digging in the dirt and licking their dirty paws, or licking their or another dog’s genitals or anus, and the grossest of all, eating dog doo. All of these things contain microbes. The dog’s saliva enzymes, low pH of the stomach, and strong digestive acids along with the short residence time of food in the intestines of the dog, do not allow microbes to colonize.

Of course, their humans should handle raw food as they would their own raw foods that they prepare for dinner. Clean bowls, utensils, and counter tops with hot soapy water or bleach spray.

How do I choose what Doggone Raw meals to serve my pet?

We can help you choose a variety of proteins for your dog. One benefit of a raw diet is you can switch up the protein source so your dog gets to have a varied diet. You can choose proteins based on variety and can certainly choose lower cost proteins to fit your budget.

How much will it cost to feed my dog raw?


Keep in mind, the benefits of a healthier dog is that you should have less disease and less disease treatment costs especially in the later years of the dog’s life. You will not have to pay for expensive dental cleanings either. If you find a raw diet that is much cheaper than this, check to see if the food is: human-edible from USDA approved facilities AND animals, and that the food contains the necessary bone for calcium and phosphorous.

How much should I feed my dog?

We recommend approximately 2% of an adult dog’s body weight. You may need to feed more or less depending on your dog’s activity level and metabolism. Dogs can be fed once daily, we feed our dogs twice daily. Puppies should eat approximately 5% of their weight and should eat 3 times per day until 6 months of age.

What if my dog likes to lick faces after meals?

It is really the same question as if the dog licks faces after any of their daily behavior’s including: eating something off the street, or digging in the dirt and licking their dirty paws, or  licking their or another dog’s genitals or anus, and the grossest of all, eating dog doo.

The truth is the microbial load is not enough to sicken someone, but face licking should be avoided after any of these behaviors.

Do I need to supplement my Doggone Raw meal?

No. Each meal is formulated to meet both AAFCO and NRC nutritional requirements for dogs. Love and reward your pet with healthy dehydrated treats or raw snacks!

My dog’s poop turned white. What’s up with that?

With a raw diet, it is perfectly normal for waste to dry up and turn white. This is digested calcium that has passed through.


Does Doggone Raw deliver?

No not at this time. As our business builds we hope to add delivery service.

We Believe

The nutritionally complete raw diet is ideal for our companion animals and leads to their optimal health and well-being.