I’ve had my Jacob for 7 years. Jacob is a Swissy that never seemed to gain weight so we just assumed it was in his genes to be a smaller guy. I had always made it a point to buy the best of foods available, jumping around from kibble to kibble but for some reason he wasn’t gaining weight and always seemed to have loose, inconsistent stool. We finally settled on a grain free kibble that seemed to work with solidifying his stool until after a year and a half of using it. I also noticed that his skin went from dry, to flaky, to scabby in the matter of a few months. Vets recommended topical solutions like hot spot medication, medicated shampoos and sprays which all seemed to take care of the sores but never actually fixed the problem. It was to the point where he was losing all of the fur off of his back and chest due to the dryness.

"In a last ditch effort to try something I switched to Doggone Raw and literally within a matter of days he had consistent stool and his sores stopped forming. His energy levels were up and over the course of 3 months, the hairless spots have grown back. He’s putting on weight and seems healthier than ever."

I have since gotten another puppy who will only eat raw along with his big brother. I honestly feel that switching to Doggone Raw saved Jacob, and I will never feed or even suggest any kibble ever again. Thank you Donna and Greg so much!

Weldon Jones



Our dog, Bella, was fed a grain-free high-quality kibble. Well, she was given kibble but hardly ate any unless bribed with salmon oil on her food. Not only was Bella a picky-eater; she was having an allergic reaction causing hives, swelling around her eyes, dry flakey patches of bald skin, and ear infections from relentless scratching. We switched her diet to raw to detox and then several months later changed her food back to a premium grain-free kibble. Big mistake!

Bella’s symptoms exacerbated leading to an unhappy and irritated dog. A dog that once loved affection from people no longer allowed anyone, including us, to touch her. This lead to some very unwanted behaviors and a completely different companion. Needless to say, we were at fault for taking her off of raw.

"A bowl of kibble and a bowl of raw was placed in front of Bella out of curiosity to see what she would select.. Of course she picked raw, it’s her natural instinct to choose what she was genetically predisposed to eat! What more evidence did we need as dog parents?"

We made the decision to place her back on the raw diet, indefinitely. Our dog deserves the best. She eats at a safe, yet, fast pace and finishes all of her meal. Yay! She is back to being her happy and lovable Boxer-self. People comment on her beautiful silky coat and she is once again excited to receive “ lots of lovin’ ” from people. Thank you Doggone Raw for steering us in the right direction for Bella’s wellness!

Josh and Jenn Cipriani… Bella too!


Mason & Pavel

I was originally feeding a combination of high premium canned and kibble. Our Australian Shepherd has had multiple issues, the urge for the change in diet was constant vomiting, usually with blood, and vet visits at least once a month. I had switched to a natural/homeopathic vet that had determined that he should not have certain food (ie. Chicken and Turkey) and that others would be better (ie. Rabbit, Duck, Fish). Our Miniature Dachshund, Pavel started raw when he was a puppy and has always been very healthy. Doggone Raw makes Mason our Australian Shepherd special blends without poultry.

"Since switching to the raw diet all of his previous issues have gone away. He has always been a picky eater as well, and he loves the raw. Within the first 2-3 months all of his symptoms dissipated and eventually stopped all together. I could tell within the first month that he was already feeling better!"

We strive to be as healthy and natural as possible for our own well being, so it just made sense to do this for our dogs as well. We have been using Doggone Raw for over 8 months now, our dogs have the cleanest, shiniest coats from the food!

Danielle Benson


Lukea & Felon

I have been feeding Doggone Raw for a little more than three months now, and I can’t believe the results! I own two German shepherds- Felon, who just turned two, and Lukea, who will be eight. My dogs had always done well on kibble but I had always been curious if they would do better on raw. I finally took the plunge and we’ve never looked back!

"I began to notice changes in my guys just a few weeks into their new diet. Felon my younger dog has increased energy, stamina as well as a decreased recovery time after physical exercise/training. I have seen a decrease in shedding from both dogs, and have also noticed they don’t poop nearly as much anymore."

I have never had them be more excited about meal time either! Lukea, my older boy has MUCH better tooth and gum health, and better breath. He’s also maintaining muscle mass far better than on kibble. My guys absolutely love Doggoneraw products, and the variety of protein sources available. I love the convenience of just being able to measure and feed Doggone raw! No calculating, or figuring out ratios. It really takes the work out of it. My only regret is that I didn’t switch to raw earlier! 100% Satisfied customers.

Alex DeFoucault is an accomplished dog trainer. She has achieved titles on her dogs in Akc obedience, rally and lure coursing. UKC conformation, therapy work, dock diving, schutzhund & more.



My 4 year old American Bulldog was shockingly diagnosed with kidney disease April 2015. The vet told me that she had kidneys of a 12 yr old dog and I should enjoy my time left with her. They recommended a different diet of prescription kibble that could only be purchased thru them and wouldn’t help her much. I was devastated. She was drinking almost 4 bowls of water a day and losing her hair. After doing tons of research and asking many of my puppy loving pals I was lucky to have Doggone Raw (Donna and Greg) recommended to me. I was originally feeding her a high premium kibble and was told that an all natural RAW diet would be her best option. Any dogs best option! I was in touch with Donna and immediately they made my dog a mixture that would be the best for her disease. I was blown away at their knowledge on what my dog was dealing with and how their raw diet would help in so many ways. I brought the food home and when fed to her she gobbled it right up and wagged her tail at the bucket for more. After weeks of picky eating she was hooked!

"What really blew me away was how fast I saw a difference in my dog. In 2 WEEKS her hair was growing back, she had begun to get energy back, and gain weight. It’s been 4 months and she has all her hair back, crazy puppy energy back, a gorgeous fluffy coat, and is so happy. Everyone who sees her notices the difference."

And now I have my 11 year old Min Pin on Doggone Raw as well and within 2 weeks he too has a gorgeous soft coat and a lot of energy back. I’m hooked on the food and will never feed any dog of mine anything but raw again. Thank you Donna and Greg!!!

Erin Meyers


Parker & Kyra

We decided to try putting our Maltese (Parker) on the Doggone Raw diet when we learned that his kibble diet may have been contributing to his chronic ear infections that the vet couldn’t cure.

"Sure enough, after a few weeks of eating only the Raw food, his ear infections stopped and haven’t returned."

We started our Shepard (Kyra) on it and not only did she regain her appetite, but her “weepy” eyes cleared up as well. Both dogs love it.

Jeff Manquin