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Commercial kibbles are produced with lots of starchy carbohydrates including grains such as, wheat, corn, rice and soy or even grain-free choices that include lots of starchy potatoes or tapioca. These carbohydrates are cheap and keep the cost of the product low, but are of NO nutritional value to your pet. Carbohydrates are not necessary in a dog or cat diet. [Grains have been shown to be detrimental to dog and cat health.] Commercial foods are also high-heat cooked. This process destroys many of the beneficial nutrients such as protein and all enzymes, some of the most important macronutrients in the diet.

Kibble made with lots of starchy carbohydrates and denatured protein has been attributed to the rise of many diseases including dental disease (the most common in dogs), allergies and studies have shown links to cancer. The high-heat cooking process produces reactions like acrylamides, a toxin that can contribute to cancer. With cancer on the rise amongst our beloved pets, this is a serious concern.

Doggone Raw® is a species appropriate diet made with human-edible meat, organ meats, and bones as the basis of the diet, and we complete the nutritional profile with species appropriate fruits and vegetables that provide essential vitamins and minerals. Human-edible ingredients are from USDA approved animals. This differs from USDA approved facilities. Animals that are not human-edible also come from approved facilities, however these are animals that are sick or dead and rejected for human food. They are chemically modified so they do not end up in the human food chain, but end up in your pet’s food.

Human-edible ingredients are a must for your pet’s food.

Water is an important nutrient for your dog. Dry dog foods are about 5-10% water and canned foods are about 80-85% water. Kibbles lack moisture sending your pet to the water bowl much more often and making it hard for them to digest food. Canned foods are so high in water, they cannot pack in the nutritional needs that your dog requires. Doggone Raw varieties are 60-67% moisture. A dog’s body is about 61% moisture, so it is the perfect balance of moisture for your pet and aids in digestion of the nutrients provided.

At Doggone Raw, we not only produce great quality raw food, we also breed AKC champion dogs. All of our pups are weaned on raw and all of our dogs are fed our raw diet plan. Please contact us and we can assist in designing the right plan for your pet and your budget.

Donna & Gregory Rollins

Dogs that eat a raw diet and do not have starchy carbs in their diet have:

  • Less weight problems
  • Less health problems such as dental disease, itchy skin, allergies and obesity.
  • Less plaque build-up on their teeth
  • Less stool, firmer stool, less smelly stool
  • Less flatulence
  • Drink much less water
  • Improved digestion
  • Shinier coats, healthier skin
  • In large dogs, less risk of bloat
  • And in turn, can live a longer, healthier life

With Doggone Raw you and your pet get:

  • Only Human-Edible ingredients
  • Meals that meet AAFCO and NRC nutritional requirements
  • Never any added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No man-made synthetic isomers of vitamins and minerals
  • Never any denatured meat due to Rendering, Mechanical Separation or High Pressure Pasteurization
We are registered with the AKC We are registered with the AKC