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"We believe the nutritionally complete raw diet is ideal for our companion animals and leads to their optimal health and well-being."

Donna & Gregory Rollins
Doggone Raw is the healthiest doggone diet your dog could eat – it’s the diet nature intended for your dog.


Doggone Raw is uncooked, ground USDA inspected, 100% human-edible meat, including muscles, organs and bones, fruits and veggies. The food is prepared for freezing using a cold manufacturing method that destroys microorganisms.

Doggone Raw complies with both AAFFCO and NRC nutritional guidelines. The Association of American Feed Control Officials establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. The National Research Council provides expert advice based on sound scientific evidence. Nutrient analyses of Doggone Raw products are performed by an independent laboratory.


We dog parents know that fresh, quality ingredients are best, and that is all we use to make Doggone Raw.

Doggone Raw is an instinctive diet for your dog, similar to their natural ancestral menu of hunted prey. Dogs and their owners need real food to thrive, not fillers, and Doggone Raw contains just a fraction of the carbohydrates in ordinary dry dog food, and zero grain.

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It seems some people can eat just about anything and thrive, while others have sensitivities and health issues that clear up with dietary changes. It’s similar with dogs; some seem to suffer with health ailments from itchy skin and allergies to serious diseases. Doggone Raw may be the best diet for your dog’s health and wellness, particularly if your dog has not thrived on commercially available diets.

Many people attest that once their dog switched to a raw diet, the benefits were astounding, including:

  • Improved digestion, less gas, better weight management
  • Smaller, less smelly and firmer stools
  • Without fillers, food is absorbed meaning less poop to scoop
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Relief from the grain culprit
  • Better teeth and breath
  • From beneficial enzymes and amino acids
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • From naturally occurring essential fatty acids
  • Higher energy
We are registered with the AKC We are registered with the AKC